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SERVI - Hotel & Casino Solutions

SERVI food service robots are ideal for drink serving

Drink Serving

From bottles of champagne to canned soft drinks, SERVI has the capacity to deliver drinks at the touch of a button.

SERVI food delivery robots running food to restaurant tables

Food Delivery

Leave your servers on the floor and get food to the table faster with SERVI’s intuitive food running features.

SERVI food service robots employed for bussing dishes from table

Dish Bussing

Eliminate the hassles of running back and forth to the front and back of house with SERVI’s table bussing technology.

SERVI and SERVI Mini food service robots in restaurant food service.

Streamlined Service

From food table delivery to dish bussing, SERVI streamlines restaurant food service, eliminating the heavy lifting.

SERVI In Action

Hotels & Casinos

SERVI food delivery robots running food to restaurant tables

SERVI food service robots are a perfect addition to upscale hotel and casino restaurants and bar areas, carrying food and beverages to tables automatically; and, when the guests depart, returning the used dishes to the proper station for cleaning.

With the arduous task of delivering food and drink to tables out of the way, servers and restaurant staff are free to give more personalized attention to hotel guests, enhancing the hotel's level of service and their guests' overall dining experience.

It is important to note that SERVI restaurant robots are self-driving and auto returning. In serving food and drink to tables or returning with dishes for cleaning, they automatically avoid collisions with any obstacles in their paths, hotel guests, and even one another.

In multi-robot mode, SERVI food serving robots coordinate with one another as programmed by the venue: some carrying food orders to tables, others returning dirty dishes for cleaning, and some, simply waiting at their charging stations to be called into action.

SERVI - the Best Choice

100% Self-Driving

Built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras, SERVI navigates space safely, avoiding obstacles.

Multi Robot Mode

SERVI is designed to grow with your business, offering a Servi fleet that synchronizes to avoid collisions.

Auto Return

SERVI automatically returns to its post when its internal weight sensors detect a delivery has been completed.

SERVI - for Your Facility

Cost-Effective Food Service

SERVI and SERVI MINI food service robots for care home food table delivery and dish bussing

SERVI Models

SERVI has the capacity to deliver the heaviest drink and food orders,
as well as retrieving bussed table dishes back to the kitchen.

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