MetaDolce Technologies, Inc.

MetaDolce Technologies, Inc., a Bear Robotics Authorized ResellerServiceRobotics is a division of MetaDolce Technologies, an authorized Bear Robotics Reseller, offers SERVI food service robots to restaurants, care homes and casinos throughout the United States. Empowering an enhanced dining experience, SERVI robots do all the heavy lifting, delivering food to tables and carrying away bussed dishes, allowing servers and diners to interact more freely.

In addition, MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. offers best-in-class biometric, mobile data capture and integrated technology solutions to commercial, enterprise, and government organizations, worldwide, with biometric offerings selected to enhance the efficacy of Identity Verification, Access Control, Law Enforcement, Transportation, and Food Service applications.

Cost-Effective Food Service

SERVI and SERVI MINI food service robot models from MetaDolce Technology

Servi Models


Simplifying hospitality with state-of-the-art technology, Servi is a full-sized, full-featured service robot, used primarily for table food service delivery.

Servi Mini

A more compact version of the Servi robot, Servi Mini does the heavy lifting, retrieving bussed dishes from the table, and doubling Servi as needed.

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