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Medical & Hospital Deliveries
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The 21st Century Solution for Medical Delivery

Manufactured by Richtech Robotics, Medbot enhances healthcare efficiency and hospital patient care by automating medical room deliveries using secure chain-of-custody technology. With a payload of up to 88 pounds, the self-charging Medbot is elevator friendly-serving multi-floor facilities with ease.

Medbot's service robot for medical centers and hospitals

Medbot & AI

Medbot's Delivery Model works together with an AI platform that integrates into your organization to streamline facility operations.

Medbot enables secure delivery of medical supplies and prescriptions.

Medbot Security

Medbot is a completely secure, self-charging, elevator-friendly medical facility delivery robot, keeping deliveries safe with 'Chain of Custody' technology.


About Medbot Robots

From Richtech Robotics

Elevator-friendly Medbot from Richtech Robotics, is designed for delivery of medical supplies and prescriptions in multi-room, multi-floor medical facilities.

Medbot works together with an AI platform that integrates with your servers to streamline your operations and patient services.

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'Chain of Custody' Delivery

Medbot utilizes Richtech's proprietary 'Chain of Custody' technology to keep medical deliveries safe, secure, and delivered only to intended recipient(s).

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