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Introducing SERVI PLUS

Large SERVI for Big Tables

With an expanded payload and increased capacity, the SERVI PLUS hospitality food delivery robot is the perfect companion for covering large service areas, busy shifts, and big events. Whether you need help running food or bussing dishes, go bigger and serve better with SERVI PLUS where, regardless of head count, your table food delivery and dish retrieving services are quick, efficient, and automatic.

SERVI PLUS's food service robot for restaurant table food delivery and dish bussing


SERVI PLUS, an elegant, larger, more heavily motorized version of SERVI, features lights, sounds, smoother running and table location locking.

SERVI PLUS food service robot description and specifications


SERVI PLUS, with it taller wider form factor and additional trays, is the ideal food delivery robot for bigger table sizes and larger events.

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SERVI PLUS - Smooth, Precise Delivery

ADA Ramp Navigation

SERVI PLUS easily traverses ADA ramps with its computer-controlled speed and suspension.

Smooth Suspension

SERVI PLUS glides across a variety of flooring types and coverings with thresholds up to 1/2".

Liquids Delivery

SERVI PLUS features calibrated run speed and table parking presets to carry drinks and soups.

SERVI PLUS - Features

SERVI Mini food service robot rectangular tray

Display & Sounds

SERVI Mini food service robot table bussing tub

Perimeter Lighting

SERVI Mini food service robot table small bussing tub

Responsive LED Lighting

About SERVI Robots

From Bear Robotics

All SERVI food delivery robots are made in the USA by Bear Robotics, the brainchild of tech entrepreneurs and restaurant experts who set out to engineer smarter solutions and automate repetitive tasks. Today, Bear Robotics creates some of the most advanced service robots in restaurants and hospitality industries and has set the benchmark for technological progress in these sectors.

Made in America, SERVI food service robots guarantee the highest quality standards, the most innovative technology, and the most in-depth customer services available. Manufacturing SERVI, Bear Robotics shares our commitment to empowering better, more memorable dining experiences through the elimination of repetitive tasks via SERVI food delivery robot automation.

SERVI and SERVI Mini food service robots for restaurant food table delivery and dish bussing

SERVI Models

Robots for delivering food to tables and clearing dishes in restaurants, SERVI PLUS. Even room service food and beverage orders can be delivered by the new SERVI LIFT delivery robots.

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