Food Service

SERVI and SERVI Mini food service robots in restaurant food service

The Bear Robotics SERVI robot specializes in automated food service solutions for restaurants. The robot offers a range of options to perform various tasks in the food service industry, such as delivering beverages and food to tables, retrieval of dirty dishes, and more.

By automating the food delivery process, SERVI robots help restaurants to improve their food service and provide customers with a better overall experience. Customers can receive their food more quickly and efficiently, and restaurants can reduce labor costs.

SERVI robots use advanced navigation systems to navigate through the restaurant and locate the correct table, safely and accurately deliver the food, retrieving dirty dishes and automatically returning to pre-programmed stations for more tasks.

SERVI restaurant robots provide a comprehensive solution for the food service industry, using robotics technology to automate the food table delivery and dish retrieval processes to allow servers to better care for their patrons-improving the overall efficiency and quality of the dining experience.