Table Food Service
Made Easy!

Introducing SERVI Food Service Robots, from Bear Robotics.

Introducing SERVI

The Future of Food Service

When it comes to food service, table food delivery and dish bussing are the all too necessary yet tedious parts of the task; distracting servers from their most important role: interacting with and meeting the needs of those seated at the table. SERVI's automated dish delivery and retrieval capabilities remove the 'heavy lifting,' allowing servers to ensure a great dining experience.

SERVI food service robots are ideal for drink serving

Drink Serving

From bottles of champagne to canned soft drinks, SERVI has the capacity to deliver drinks at the touch of a button.

SERVI food delivery robots running food to restaurant tables

Food Delivery

Leave your servers on the floor and get food to the table faster with SERVI’s intuitive food running features.

SERVI food service robots employed for bussing dishes from table

Dish Bussing

Eliminate the hassles of running back and forth to the front and back of house with SERVI’s table bussing technology.

SERVI and SERVI Mini food service robots in restaurant food service.

Streamlined Service

From food table delivery to dish bussing, SERVI streamlines restaurant food service, eliminating the heavy lifting.


What Are Food Service Robots?

SERVI - the Best Choice

Restaurant robots like SERVI are an integral part of the future of food service, and the future has arrived – these robots are ready to work alongside and assist humans and offer your business a number of benefits. To understand the benefits a food delivery robot like SERVI offers, you first need to understand what it can do. SERVI is capable of bringing food and drink orders to tables independently, returning to its post when the delivery has been completed. It can also retrieve dishes and bring them back to the kitchen, making bussing tables quicker and much easier for your staff.

With SERVI taking care of these menial, mundane, and tedious tasks, you’re able to offer more streamlined service. Your waiters and waitresses are also now freed up to focus more on providing exceptional service. With SERVI restaurant robots doing the heavy lifting, often literally, servers can create better and more meaningful connections with diners and make more time to address their questions and needs. The result of this improved customer service? Customers leave more satisfied, are more likely to recommend your restaurant to their friends and family and are more likely to come back.

100% Self-Driving

Built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras, SERVI navigates space safely, avoiding obstacles.

Multi Robot Mode

SERVI is designed to grow with your business, offering a SERVI fleet that synchronizes to avoid collisions.

Auto Return

SERVI automatically returns to its post when its internal weight sensors detect a delivery has been completed.

A food delivery robot like SERVI is also the answer to staffing shortages. As you may know all too well, being short-staffed can make your team feel stressed and overworked, resulting in errors, decreases in productivity, and poor service. While they are not intended to replace humans, food service robots will give your staff the support they need to continuously give diners great service, even on the busiest nights.

By taking care of food delivery and dish retrieval, restaurant robots prevent your staff from being overwhelmed, leading to fewer mistakes and inefficiencies. An often-overlooked benefit of restaurant robots is the boost they can give your marketing. Having a food delivery robot like SERVI will make your business stand out from the competition, giving your guests an unequalled dining experience.

SERVI - for Your Facility

Why SERVI Robots

By automating many of the most common menial tasks, SERVI food serving robots offer a number of benefits to not only restaurants, but rest and care homes, hotels, casinos, and clubs as well. Businesses that employ SERVI food service robots will enjoy lower turnover, fewer errors, better reviews, and more return customers. SERVI will also increase efficiency and help create a safer environment for organization staff and guests.

SERVI food serving robots are also the solution to staffing shortages. Hiring and training qualified staff is time consuming and expensive; and overworking your existing staff will only decrease productivity, leading to poorer service. Whether you purchase or lease your SERVI robots, they will lead to an increase in operational efficiency, while creating a safer environment for you staff and guests.

SERVI and SERVI Mini food service robots for restaurant food table delivery and dish bussing

SERVI Models

Servi has the capacity to deliver the heaviest drink and food orders,
as well as retrieving bussed table dishes back to the kitchen.

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