Food Delivery
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Introducing SERVI LIFT Robots, from Bear Robotics. images/bear-robotics-logo.webp - Aeolus logo

Food Delivery Robot
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Introducing SERVI LIFT Robots, from Bear Robotics. images/bear-robotics-logo.webp - Aeolus logo

Meet AEO
Full Service Robot
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Introducing the Aeo Service Robot, from Aeolus Robotics. images/head-aeolus-logo.webp - Aeolus Logo

Commercial Cleaning
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Introducing PUDU Cleaning Robot, from Pudu Robotics. images/pudu-head-logo.webp = PUDU Logo

Automation - by Application

How does robotic automation fit into my application? Whether managing a restaurant, or a chain of restaurants, automation of table food delivery and dish bussing streamlines the dining experience, while freeing up your servers for guest interaction.

Or perhaps you oversee Care Homes, where guest monitoring is a 24/7 responsibility. The Aeolus Aeo robotic assistant not only automates guest monitoring, but can also disinfect areas, surfaces and items in your facility.

Manage day to day operations of a single or multi-floor company? Package delivery and pick-up to and from your staff is task that can be fully automated with the SERVI LIFT, which is self-guiding and elevator friendly.

These days, site security is a top-level responsibility, in some cases requiring 24/7 patrolling for open doors, broken windows, intruders and more. Not a problem the Aeo Security Robot, which can autonomously patrol your site, reporting in real time.

Food Delivery

Get restaurant food orders to customer tables faster with SERVI PLUS, freeing your staff for better live interactions.

Room Delivery

Deliver room service orders to guest rooms autonomously with SERVI LIFT. It's quick, secure, and economical.


In Care Home operations, guest meal service is a time consuming operation, taking your staff from critical duties.


Let PUDU handles your commercial floor cleaning needs, with its powerful suction and autonomous operation.


Automate the daily disinfection of areas, surfaces and items with Aeo, cleaning with non-chemical UV light.


Facility security is a top-level responsibility. Let Aeo patrol 24/7, reporting incursions in real time.

SERVI Robot Models:

From Bear Robotics

Introducing AEO

The Future of Service Robots

The Aeolus Aeo Service Robot is an autonomous assistant designed to fill many roles, including monitoring the well-being of guests in care homes and hospitals, disinfecting all areas and surfaces in your facility on a regular basis, picking up and delivering packages (using the elevator if needed), and deploying on-site security. Scanning for open doors, broken windows and uninvited guests, Aeo immediately reports a problem, showing staff in real time and recording the event via onboard live-view cameras at a fraction of the cost.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-care3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Care Home Robot

AEO Care Robot

Designed to enhance the level of service in Care Homes,
Aeo constantly monitors the well-being of your guests.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-disinfect3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Disinfecting Robot

AEO Disinfecting Robot

Using non-chemical means, Aeo regularly disinfects all areas of your facility– ensuring safe operations.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-delivery3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Delivery Robot

AEO Delivery Robot

Eliminate the hassles of running back and forth
picking up and delivery packages in your facility.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-security3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Security Robot.

AEO Security Robot

These days, site security is a major concern.
Aeo’s on the job, notifying you immediately of a problem.

Meet AEO

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Introducing PUDU CC1

Commercial Cleaning Robot

Commercial cleaning of facility floors is a time-consuming difficult job: often done once a week after hours by a vendor. With PUDU on the job, floors can be cleaned daily, and at a fraction of the cost. The PUDU Commercial Cleaning Robot is self-charging, featuring powerful suction, AI navigation, and automatic water drainage and renewal. In other words, once deployed, daily PUDU’s commercial cleaning operations are completely automated.

pudu/images/pudu-4-suction.webp - Pudu Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot - Suction

Powerful Suction

When all else is said, powerful floor suction is the true mark of a floor cleaning appliance. And PUDU has powerful suction that stands up to commercial floors.

pudu/images/pudu-4-charging.webp - Pudu CC1 Commercial Cleaning Robot - Self Charging


The PUDU CC1 is autonomous, maintaining watch on it electrical energy levels, and returning to its automatic charger when needed.

pudu/images/pudu-4-water.webp - Pudu Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot - Water Management.

Water Management

Deep cleaning of floor carpets and surfaces requires water. PUDU is autonomous--automatically returning to purge dirty and refill with clean water.

pudu/images/pudu-4-navigation.webp - Pudu Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot - Navigation.

AI Navigation

Using its AI engine in conjunction with your startup floor map, PUDU is ready to autonomously vacuum and clean your facility floors, daily.


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